Coarse Fishing in Scotland: A Guide to Angling in Beautiful Locations

In this article, you will learn about the exciting world of coarse fishing in Scotland. Coarse fishing is a term used to describe angling for freshwater fish, and Scotland is a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts from all over. We will discuss the different types of fish you can catch in Scotland’s well-stocked waters, as well as the history and growth of coarse fishing in the country. We will also highlight Broom Fisheries, a renowned fishing spot with 8 fully stocked lakes that attracts anglers for both leisure and competition fishing. So, get ready to discover the beauty and thrill of coarse fishing in Scotland!

Introduction to Coarse Fishing

Coarse fishing is a popular activity in the UK that involves angling for freshwater fish, distinguishing it from game fish such as salmon, trout, and char. Scotland, known for its stunning fishing spots, attracts anglers from far and wide throughout the year. With its well-stocked fishing waters, Broom Fisheries in Scotland is a sought-after destination for leisure and match fishing enthusiasts.

Attractions of Coarse Fishing in Scotland

When it comes to coarse fishing, Scotland is truly a paradise for anglers. The country boasts fantastic fishing opportunities that appeal to both local and visiting anglers. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful fishing retreat or an exciting match fishing experience, Scotland has it all. The well-stocked fishing waters in Scotland ensure that anglers have a high chance of catching quality fish, making it an attractive destination for all types of coarse fishing.

History of Coarse Fishing in Scotland

Coarse fishing in Scotland has a rich history, with its roots dating back to the establishment of the Glasgow & West of Scotland Coarse Fishing Association in the 1960s. This association played a pivotal role in creating a community of passionate coarse anglers in Scotland. By the 1970s, the club was organizing annual open events that attracted anglers from all over the UK. The Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling was later established, further contributing to the growth and popularity of coarse fishing in Scotland.

Fishing at Broom Fisheries

Broom Fisheries, located in Dumfries & Galloway, is a premier coarse fishing destination in Scotland. With nine fully stocked lakes and a purpose-built canal, Broom Fisheries offers anglers an exceptional fishing experience. The quality and variety of coarse fish available here make it a favorite spot for both leisure and competition fishing. The tranquil and natural environment of Broom Fisheries provides a peaceful setting for anglers from Scotland and beyond.


Benefits of Fishing at Broom Fisheries

One of the key advantages of fishing at Broom Fisheries is the excellent facilities it offers to visitors and tourists. The fishery aims to carry on the legacy of Scotland’s coarse fishing community by providing a range of amenities and services that cater to the needs of anglers. With its efforts to increase interest in coarse angling, Broom Fisheries is actively growing the sport in Scotland and the UK. The peaceful and natural environment at Broom Fisheries adds to the overall appeal, allowing anglers to unwind and connect with nature.

Location and Accessibility

Broom Fisheries is conveniently situated with easy access to the M6 and M74. Located in Dumfries & Galloway, it is within reach from various regions such as Scotland, Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyneside, and Lancashire. The accessible location makes it a convenient choice for anglers looking for a picturesque fishing getaway.

Coarse Fishing in Scotland: A Guide to Angling in Beautiful Locations

Upcoming Events and Competitions

Anglers visiting Broom Fisheries can look forward to upcoming events and competitions. These events provide opportunities to showcase skills, compete with fellow anglers, and foster a sense of community among fishing enthusiasts. Whether you prefer spectating or participating, Broom Fisheries offers a vibrant calendar of events that cater to all interests.

Facilities and Amenities

Broom Fisheries takes pride in its top-notch facilities and amenities. A fully-stocked tackle shop ensures that anglers have easy access to essential fishing supplies. For those planning to stay overnight, Broom Fisheries offers a range of accommodation options, including a caravan and campsite, as well as holiday homes for long-stay visitors. This allows anglers to fully immerse themselves in the fishing experience while enjoying the comforts of a well-appointed stay. Moreover, Broom Fisheries is surrounded by local attractions that provide additional entertainment for visitors.

Coarse Fishing in Scotland: A Guide to Angling in Beautiful Locations

Contact Information

For more information about Broom Fisheries, you can contact them at the following details:

  • Office Number: 01461 700 386
  • Fishery Manager: 07850 157 668
  • Email: [insert email address]


Coarse fishing in Scotland promises anglers a remarkable experience amidst breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re an experienced angler or new to the sport, Broom Fisheries offers a hub for coarse fishing enthusiasts. With its well-stocked fishing waters, excellent facilities, and peaceful environment, Broom Fisheries is the ideal place to enjoy the beauty and bounty of Scottish waters. Plan your visit to Broom Fisheries and immerse yourself in the joy of coarse fishing in Scotland.

Coarse Fishing in Scotland: A Guide to Angling in Beautiful Locations


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